I bloody forgot his 96th birthday last Sunday. Sorry, pal. 

I bloody forgot his 96th birthday last Sunday. Sorry, pal. 

Presentation Zen: Richard Feynman on the Scientific Method (in 1 minute)

It’s been up on here before, but this time with added Cox.

Dear Mrs Chown, Ignore your son’s attmpts to teach you physics. Physics is unimportant. Love is.
Nature Editorial on The Feynman Lectures on Physics, 'Lecture notes'

“Here’s the deal. If ya wanna do this whole physics thing vanilla-style, go buy and read a nice physics textbook. If you want to taste physics — really take it in, like a delicious chocolate mousse or a symphony orchestra or Shakespeare done by British folk, this is where you have to be.”


Richard Feynman ‘The beauty of a flower’

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Oral History Transcript — Dr. Richard Feynman


Interview with Dr. Richard Feynman

By Charles Weiner

At Altadena, California

March 4, 1966

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.


♪ I gotta have my orange juice  

Just a little bit of orange juice 

- Richard Feynman [x]

Richard Feynman playing the bongos is a beautiful thing.

26 Sure Signs You're A Physics Graduate

Feynman at numbers 11 & 12.

Also, har de har. I was at a nanoscience conference in Barcelona when the Higgs was announced.